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Simple Solutions

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DIY pole sander made from a standard sponge mop.

DIY Drywall Sponge Mop Pole Sander

A pole sander is the perfect tool to use when sanding drywall joints. Watch this video to find out how to make a pole sander from a sponge mop.

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Cut bucket holding a piece of plastic PVC pipe for cutting.

How to Make a DIY Cut Bucket

Find out how to turn an ordinary 5-gallon plastic bucket into a DIY cut bucket that’s perfect for holding everything from pipe to lumber for easy cutting. Watch this video to find out how.

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Misting a bead of silicone caulking with denatured alcohol to make it easy to spread.

Tip for Smoothing Silicone Caulk

Silicone caulk has great adhesion and flexibility, but it can be hard to spread out evenly. Watch this video to see how to use denatured alcohol to spread silicone caulking easily.

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Flashlight stand made from electrical cable.

Homemade Flashlight Stand

Watch this video to find out how to make a hands-free stand from electrical cable to aim a flashlight when tackling home improvement projects in hard to reach places.

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Cleaning window screens with a vacuum cleaner and upholstery brush attachment.

Cleaning Window Screens with a Vacuum Cleaner

Find out how to clean your window screens the easy way with a vacuum cleaner and upholstery brush attachment.

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Joe Truini demonstrating his trick for putting a duvet cover on a comforter.

Tip for Putting a Duvet Cover on a Comforter

Watch this video for a simple trick that makes putting a duvet cover on a comforter easy.

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Completed lawn fixture socket made from PVC pipe.

Homemade Lawn Fixture Socket from PVC Pipe

Find out how to make lawn fixture sockets from PVC pipe so it’s easy to put up and take down patio umbrellas, flagpoles, volleyball nets, and more.

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Pressure washer wand roller guide made from PVC pipe and casters.

DIY Pressure Washer Wand Roller Guide

Watch this video to find out how to make a homemade roller guide from PVC pipe to keep your pressure washer wand a consistent distance from surfaces so it doesn’t damage wood and other soft materials.

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