Clothes dryer venting into the attic.

Venting Dryers in the Attic

Cindy asks, “My dryer vents into my attic. How can I vent it outside to make it less of a fire hazard?”

Improperly vented dryers and lint buildup cause over 15,000 fires a year. Venting your dryer to the attic is not only a potential fire hazard but can result in moisture problems which causes more problems.

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Spring Lawn and Garden Contest prize.

Spring Lawn and Garden Contest Winner

Our Spring ’Stravaganza Lawn and Garden Giveaway was a big hit with over 2,000 entries! The lucky winner of a cornucopia of lawn and garden gadgets was Angela Watson of North Richland Hills, Texas. Congratulations Angela!

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Installing ceramic tile over existing drywall.

Installing a Ceramic Tile Backsplash Over Drywall

Raj asks, “I am planning to install a ceramic backsplash in the kitchen over painted drywall. What kind of treatment is needed for the drywall so that it does not get moist?”

You can tile right over your existing drywall. Once the adhesive dries and the grout has set, it will be impervious to moisture. Read more to find out how.

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Hummingbird feeding on flower in a backyard garden.

Hummingbirds in the Garden

Every spring, birdwatchers across the country welcome the return of hummingbirds as they migrate north. These tiny, beautiful birds are a delight to watch as they hover and dart throughout the garden. And while hummingbird feeders do provide nourishment to the energetic birds, an active feeder is a source of pure pleasure for gardeners and bird-lovers alike.

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Stud wall with plumbing and wiring visible.

Document Your House During Construction

Documenting the construction process when building a new house can be a valuable resource for future renovations. Read on to find out how.

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Dollar bills in shape of house.

Put Uncle Sam to Work on Your Home

one-fourth of homeowners are considering using their federal economic stimulus check on home improvement projects. Are you? Read on to find out more.

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How to Soundproof a Basement Ceiling

Steve asks, “I’m going to finish a portion of the basement for my 12-year-old daughter to have a place to ‘hang out.’ Is there something I can do to help reduce noise?”

Start by insulating the space between the basement ceiling joists with sound dampening insulation.

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Stainless steel grill.

Easy Grill Cleanup

Find out how to clean the racks on a grill using household ammonia. Read on to find out more.

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