Rolls of different tape on shelves at home center.

Homeowner’s Guide to Tape

There’s a mind boggling array of tapes to choose from these days, including familiar favorites and innovative new products. Selecting the right tape for the job at hand will save you both time and money and ensure a job well done.

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Dead plant

Killing One of Everything

The other day, I was working in the front yard when my neighbor stopped to chat. We discussed her unhappy dogwood trees, and before she left she said, “How do you KNOW all this stuff?” I puffed up with pride and said, “Because I’ve killed nearly one of everything.”

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St. Augustine grass.

How to Spread St. Augustine Grass

Joe asks, “Is there something I can do to make my St. Augustine grass spread more quickly?”

St. Augustine grass spreads both by sending out runners both above and below ground, and is normally a very aggressive spreader. Read on to find out more.

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Fabric storm panels covering windows.

Fabric Storm Panels: Hurricane Protection for Your Home

Fabric storm panels, or wind abatement screens, are an innovative way to protect your windows, doors, and other openings from hurricane force wind and rain. They’re lightweight, easy to put up, allow you to see out, and are strong enough to stop flying projectiles.

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Habitat for Humanity ReStore sign.

Re-Use vs. Recycling

Let’s do something fun. Send us a photo of your creative use of old materials, and I’ll choose one of the projects and post it here in my blog. As an incentive, I’ll send you one of Black & Decker’s new Gecko Grip Levels. Heck, just for kicks, Danny & I will even autograph it for you. So go ahead and show me your best re-use project.

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Joe Truini's daughter with acting award.

Family in the Spotlight

My wife, Marla, and I were glad—and very proud—to recently learn that our daughter, Kate, was the recipient of a Halo Award for her performance as the baker’s wife in a school production of Stephen Sondheim’s, “Into the Woods.” Read on to find out more.

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Red sunset over water.

Summer is Over?

Don’t you hear people say it every year…wow summer went by so fast? It’s true, we’re all so busy these days that it does seemed to fly by. I had a good one, lots of great trips—New York 5 times, London, Ireland, Des Moines, Kentucky, Los Angeles, Orlando, and lots of great towns in between. I’ve always enjoyed traveling, meeting people, and learning all the little cultural quirks.

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Weeds growing in yard.

How to Control Weeds in Your Lawn

Confused by the vast number of weed control products crowding the aisles of your garden center? Find out what you need to know to prevent and control weeds in your yard, as well as which products are right for you.

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