Ivy leaves

Holes in Ivy Leaves

Julie asks: “Our outdoor potted ivy has holes in the leaves. How do we solve this problem?”

If you don’t have any other evidence of disease or infestation, it sounds like something is simply eating the leaves. Read more to see how to get rid of the likely culprits.

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Sprinkler watering lawn.

Living with Drought

Because of chronic drought conditions, my community has been under mandatory water restrictions for well over a year – something that is new to this part of the country. I find it interesting to contemplate how reality can force us to make changes that otherwise we’d dismiss as “good ideas, for somebody else or some other time.”

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Different saws

Homeowner’s Guide to Handsaws

Handsaws come in a wide range of styles from rip and crosscut saws to coping and keyhole saws. There are saws used for making straight and curved cuts on materials ranging from wood and plastic to metal and drywall. Find out how to match the right saw to the right job.

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Daffodil and Hyacinth flowers blooming.

Understanding the Types of Bulbs in Your Garden

Bulbs are plants that go through a cycle of putting out leaves, blooming, dying back to the ground, and going dormant until the next growing season. Find out what you need to know about the different types of bulbs and how they grow.

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Bathtub drain.

Repairing a Bathtub Drain

Barbara asks, “Our bathtub no longer holds water. How can I replace the drain hardware?”

To replace the drain basket on the tub, you’ll need access to the underside or back of the tub. To remove the drain basket, insert a pair of pliers in the basket and turn it, or there is a special tub drain removal wrench.

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When to Replant a Tree After Having a Stump Removed

Paul asks, “We just had a tree removed and the stump ground out. I would like to replace it ASAP, but my wife wants to wait until next year. Can you help us decide?”

There are several important factors to take into account. Read on to find out what they are.

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CBS Early Show logo.

Web Announcement, 2008: Danny on CBS Early Show

Danny Lipford will appear on the CBS Early Show , Thursday, October 30th. Be sure to tune in!

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Handful of rich topsoil.

The Smell of Good Dirt

This fall has been focused on getting my lawn re-established after the grading project over the summer. Following my own advice, I evened out most of the lumps and bumps by top-dressing and then sowing grass seed. Almost a month later, things are looking nice and green…

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