African Violet

African Violets: To Fuss, or Not to Fuss?

I’m a little embarrassed to tell this story, but here it is. This is an African violet, one of a trio of violets that I’ve grown rather unsuccessfully for years. African Violets are known to be a little fussy, but I thought I was doing everything right, yet they sat there stubbornly, season after season, refusing to bloom.

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Standing water in yard

Fixing Foundation Drainage Problems with a French Drain

A French drain would be a great way to divert water runoff without having to regrade the entire yard. Read on to find out more.

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Solar powered attic exhaust vent fan mounted on roof.

How to Size Attic Exhaust Vent Fans for Your Home

Lin asks, “I want to install attic vent fans in my roof. Is there a formula on how many you need and the size?”

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Perennial Flower Garden

Perennial Flower Garden Basics

A well planned perennial garden offers a constantly changing variety of flowers for years to come, making it well worth the initial time and work involved. Read more to find out how to plan, plant, and care for perennials in your garden.

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How to Open a Paint Stuck Window

Kathy asks, “How can I raise double hung windows in an older home that are stuck shut?”

Unlock it, then carefully cut through the paint layer where the window stop meets the sash with the corner of a putty knife or a utility knife. Bump the top frame of the sash with your hand or a rubber mallet to loosen it.

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Danny Lipford

Changing Times

I remember when I first went into business in August of 1978. I started Lipford Construction with an old pick up truck and $300 worth of tools. For marketing, I had 500 business cards and that was it. Later on I started using job site signs and always relied on the valuable “word of mouth.” Today a website, complete with blogs, is considered a necessity, and lately all we hear about is Twitter and Facebook.

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Possum in drain pipe.

’Possum Folly

Every day this week, I’ve been watching a small opossum who’s been happily waddling around my back yard and munching on the mulberries. He’s a cute little fella, probably too young to realize he’s nocturnal, but I was so puzzled by his recent – and regular – visits that I decided to tiptoe out with my video camera to investigate. Here’s what I found.

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Blue hydrangea blooms

How to Grow Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are deciduous shrubs that transform from bare winter stalks into lush, green branches dripping with blooms in summer. Hydrangeas make a great addition to landscape borders, and the blossoms are gorgeous as cut or dried flowers. Here are some tips for growing this eye-catching plant in your yard.

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