Learning the Ropes

This summer has just been one big blast so far! My partner, Steve, and I took a little needed R & R during the month of June down in the British Virgin Islands! Many moons ago, Steve was a professional sailing captain for 7 years in the Caribbean. So we figured Tortola was the best launching port for my maiden voyage on a sailboat. Admittedly, I was a bit nervous! Never having taken a cruise, I was unsure what to expect . . . . Would I get seasick? Would I feel safe out on the waters miles from shores? Would there be pirates!?

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Hints from a Hummingbird

The other evening, I had the most interesting conversation with a hummingbird. She came right up to the porch and sipped from the butterfly bush, not two feet from my speechless self. Then, she buzzed over to the finch feeder and tapped the red top pointedly with her bill, and then she buzzed into a spunky little hover right between my eyes and cleared her throat. Loudly.

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How to Grow Daylilies

If ever there was a competition for the “perfect perennial,” daylilies would be at the top of the list. Nearly carefree, pest and disease resistant, tough and adaptable, drought tolerant, and gorgeous, daylilies are the perfect choice. Here are some tips for selecting, planting, and caring for daylilies.

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Installing Window Film on Insulated Glass

Stephanie asks, “I’m considering putting a heat resistant film over my double pane windows but was told not to since it could blow the seals. Is this true?”

Some manufacturers do not recommend installing heat blocking window film on their windows. Read on to find out more.

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DIY Home Theater Installation

The popularity of Home Theater Systems (HTS) has taken off in recent years as prices have fallen. These days you don’t have to take out a second mortgage to enjoy remarkable sound and video quality in the comfort of your own home.

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Palm plant in summer garden

How to Spruce Up a Summer Garden with Tropical Plants

As the summer heats up, consider adding some tropical plants to your garden for a splash of luxury. The large, waving foliage and lush growth habits add a cool, inviting touch, and the plants themselves are naturally tolerant of the heat and humidity of summer. Read on to find out more.

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‘New Dawn’ Rose Not Blooming

Jane asks, “Why does my ‘New Dawn’ climbing rose bloom only once in the spring, when it is advertised as blooming all season?”

If it’s blooming only once, there is a good chance it has reverted back to its parent variety, the single-blooming ‘Dr W Van Fleet’ rose.

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Why Doesn’t My Ginger Bloom?

Mrs. J asks, “When I first planted ginger, the fragrance from the flowers was heavenly. It has never bloomed since.”

Ornamental gingers are tropical garden plants with wonderfully aromatic flowers. Here are common reasons why it may not bloom.

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