Spring Hummingbird Migration

The arrival of the hummingbirds is one of the highlights of spring. Most years, they surprise me, zipping around the yard before I’ve even thought about hanging out my feeder. As spring moves northward, so do the birds, following the above freezing temperatures and spring blooms. Here are some resources and a handy chart to help you get ready for hummingbirds in your yard.

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How to Deal with Condensation on a Garage Floor

Catherine asks, “Every time we have damp weather our concrete floor in the garage gets so much moisture on it that it’s dangerous to walk on. What causes this, and what can we do about it?”

Condensation on a garage floor could be the result of the lack of a vapor barrier under the concrete slab.

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Lettuce plants

How to Get an Early Start on Your Spring Garden

If you just can’t wait until the chance of freezing weather has passed before planting your spring vegetable garden, then read on to find out the secrets of how to give your plants a head start in the garden this spring.

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How to Tile Over Hardwood Flooring

Melanie asks, “Can I tile directly over finished wood flooring that is in good condition?”

If the hardwood flooring is composed of narrow boards with a very smooth, flat surface, you could leave the flooring in place and screw cement backer board down on top of it, but there are better options you might want to consider.

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What Is the Cheapest Way to Heat Water for Your Home

David asks, “Which would be cheaper to run, an electrical or propane tankless water heater?”

That would depend on prices in your area. Usually natural gas is the cheapest way to heat water, followed by electricity, with propane being the most expensive. Read on to find out more.

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Problem with Moisture Trapped Between Glass on Windows

Donna asks, “Our insulated glass windows are approximately 25 years old and are getting moisture between the glass. Are they defective?”

The warranty on the seal on insulated glass windows can vary from as short as one year to a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own the home. Read on to find out more.

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Spring Lawn Care Guide

Spring is a sensitive time for your yard – the soil is spongy, the plants are tender, and the weather is unpredictable. Your lawn will thank you for being gentle this time of year, but it will also thank you for addressing a few important spring tasks. Read on to find out how to take care of your lawn in the spring.

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How to Remove Vinyl Siding

Eddie asks, “Can I install cedar shakes over the vinyl siding on my house?”

Due to its hollow nature, vinyl siding doesn’t provide a sturdy enough surface to install wood shakes directly over it, but it’s easy to remove vinyl siding if you know how. Read on to find out more.

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