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Natural looking plastic laminate countertop

Plastic Laminate Countertops Just Keep Getting Better

While plastic laminate countertops are durable and inexpensive, in the past they haven’t been considered the most attractive material around. All that has changed, due to the introduction of some impressive new plastic laminate patterns and edge profiles that are hard to distinguish from real stone. Read on to find out more.

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Halloween tombstone decoration next to walk

Halloween Decorating Tips for Your Home

Whether you’re into natural cornstalks and scarecrows, kid-friendly smiling goblins, or ghoulish ghosts; Halloween offers an opportunity to pull out all the decorating stops. Read on for some helpful hints on how to turn your house into the spookiest haunt in the neighborhood.

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Using a sledgehammer to remove wall tile

Bath Renovation: Giving Your Bathroom a New Look

I’ve remodeled a lot of bathrooms over the years, from ones with dated pink tile to historic homes still sporting the original claw-foot cast iron tub. When planning a bathroom renovation for your home, start by considering whether you can get by with sprucing up what you have, or if you need to start over from scratch.

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Hand opening door lit by flashlight

Encounter with a Ghost

This year, I’m pretty well set for Halloween, and it’s all authentic! There are spiderwebs in the door frames, crackling leaves on the walkway, and creepy shadows cast by bare branches in the streetlights. Inside my house, I’ve got creaking floors, flickering lights, and of course, the Hallows Eve Guest of Honor: the Old Spice Ghost.

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Installing vinyl siding on a home

Vinyl Siding to the Rescue!

I’ve been slowly converting my house to be as maintenance-free as possible, and one of the best moves was to cut into a piece of the plastic pie and install vinyl over all the wood surfaces outside. Read on to find out why I’m glad I did!

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Replanted patch of grass in a lawn

How and When to Remove Unwanted Grass from Your Lawn

“How and when do I get rid of unwanted grass species and patches of weeds in my yard?”

Timing is everything when removing and replanting the grass in your yard. Read on to find out the best time and method of sprucing up the grass in your yard.

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Yellow and red flowering mums.

Help for Fading Mums

Meredith asks, “Every year I buy gorgeous mums, but within a week the blooms have faded. How can I make them last longer?”

Store bought chrysanthemums are meant more for selling than lasting. Read on to find out how to prolong the bloom time of your mums.

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Vinyl clad window on home

Plastic Building Products Can Lower Energy Costs

[Sponsored by Plastics Make It Possible]
Whether you’re eco-renovating or simply looking for easy ways to save energy, plastics help make it possible. Plastic foam insulation, vinyl windows and siding, plastic weather stripping and caulks, plastic roofing tiles can help you save energy and reduce your home’s environmental footprint.

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