Best New Products

Best New Products

Watch as Jodi Marks hits the aisles of the home center to show you the latest products to improve your home.

Milwaukee Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum

The Milwaukee cordless wet/dry vac resembles a toolbox, making it easy to carry and store. Models are available in either 18 or 28 volt and use NiCd or lithium ion batteries.

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innovative wood drill bits

Innovative Wood Drill Bits

These auger style bits from Ridgid drill through wood up to six times faster than standard spade bits. The self-starting screw tip pulls the bit into the wood while the sharp spur and cutting surface power cleanly through the wood.

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gila window film

Gila Window Film

Windows are a great way to let light into a room, but they can also bring in unwanted heat and harmful UV rays from the sun. Gila Window Film is DIY friendly product that blocks UV rays and reduces solar heat gain. It comes in several tints and is available at The Home Depot stores.

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eco friendly cork flooring

Eco-Friendly Cork Flooring

Cork is made from the bark of a type of oak tree that grows primarily in Europe. The bark can be harvested every 8-10 years without harming the tree, making it a very environmentally friendly product. Due to its soft nature, cork is easy on your feet, and since it doesn’t absorb or release dust, it can actually improve the air quality in your home.

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magnetic cafe curtain rod

Magnetic Café Curtain Rod

This café style curtain rod from Levolor attaches to metal doors with magnets. This not only simplifies installation by eliminating the need for drilling holes in the door, but it allows you to remove the rod anytime you like in a matter of minutes without leaving unsightly holes.

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childproof electrical outlets

Childproof Electrical Outlets

It’s important to install safeguards on electrical outlets to keep inquisitive children from shocking themselves. While the most inexpensive method is to cover the outlet with plastic plug covers, they can be hard to remove. A more costly, but easier to use, alternative is to install these Tamper Resistant Outlets from Leviton.

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hyde paintmiser

Hyde PaintMiser

The PaintMiser from Hyde Tools is a multipurpose tool that helps remove every last drop of paint from the can. It has a paint can opener on one end, straight and curved scraping surfaces that contour to the inside and outside of the can, and specially shaped edges to clean under and around the rim.

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hot water recirculating system

Watts Instant Hot Water Recirculating System

The Watts Recirculating Pump attaches to the hot water line at the water heater to circulate hot water throughout the home. A programmable timer can be set to turn the pump on only during the hours when hot water is typically used. The kit comes with everything you need and can be installed in under two hours.

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