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Bathroom vent fan

Tips on Where and How to Install a Bathroom Vent Fan

Steve asks, “Is it better to install a bathroom vent fan over the shower or the middle of the room?” If your fan is rated for it, over the shower is the best location for a bathroom vent fan.

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Raised beds made of wood

Advantages of Raised Planting Beds for Your Garden

If you’re planning on adding a vegetable or flower garden, consider a raised bed for planting. Raised beds offer a number of distinct advantages over traditional ground-level gardens.

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Water condensation on sweating window.

How to Cure Sweating Windows

Carol asks, “When the temp gets low, our windows sweat really bad. It freezes around the frame and I have to scrape it off. What causes this?”

There are several reasons condensation occurs on windows in the winter including high humidity in the house and uninsulated window glass. Read on for more.

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Replacing fogged glass on double paned windows.

How to Remove Moisture from Double Pane Windows

Kristen asks, “A few of the windows in my 35 year old house have begun to lose their seal and turn opaque. Can they be resealed, or do they need to be replaced?”

As double pane windows age, moisture can breach the seal and condense between the layers of glass. Read on for repair tips.

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