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Squirrel hole gnawed in eave of house.

How to Keep Squirrels from Damaging Your Home

Squirrels can cause extensive damage to a house. Read on for some tips on how to prevent squirrel damage to your home.

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Ceiling with textured finish

How to Remove Textured “Popcorn” Ceilings

Textured popcorn ceilings went out of style years ago, but many older homes—and some new ones—still have them. While taking down a textured ceiling is not that difficult, it is a messy job that requires hard work and special safety precautions. Read on to find out how.

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Replacing fogged glass on double paned windows.

How to Remove Moisture from Double Pane Windows

Kristen asks, “A few of the windows in my 35 year old house have begun to lose their seal and turn opaque. Can they be resealed, or do they need to be replaced?”

As double pane windows age, moisture can breach the seal and condense between the layers of glass. Read on for repair tips.

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