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Wood deck on back of house.

Three Key Steps for Wood Deck Maintenance and Repair

If your deck is cracked, warped, or infested with moss or dry rot, it can become an eyesore and may even be dangerous to use. Read on to find out how to repair and maintain your deck.

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Pouring concrete for a slab

Cubic Yard Calculator

Cubic yards are used to measure materials ranging from concrete for a slab to mulch for your garden. A cubic yard is the volume of material which fits in a space one yard wide by one yard deep by one yard high. Find out how to calculate cubic yards, or use our handy cubic yard calculator.

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Garden arbor over path in yard

How to Install a Garden Arbor Near Existing Plants

Rachael asks, “I’d like to install an arbor next to a rose bush. How far away should I put it to avoid injuring the plant?”

Before installing an arbor near your plants, you’ll need to know the size of the root ball. Read on to find out more.

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Weathered outdoor teak benches

How to Clean Outdoor Patio and Deck Furniture

Regardless of whether the outdoor furniture on your patio or deck is made of wood, aluminum, wrought iron, or plastic; it takes a lot of abuse from the elements.

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