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Using concrete repair caulk to seal a crack in a concrete driveway

How to Caulk and Seal Cracks in a Concrete Driveway

Watch this video to find out how to repair and seal cracks in a concrete slab, such as a driveway, to prevent water from seeping beneath the slab and causing the soil to erode.

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Lawn mower cutting grass

Lawn Mowing Tips for Your Yard

When mowing your lawn, make sure the blade is sharp so it will cut the grass cleanly, rather than shredding it, which can lead to an unhealthy lawn. Also, bag clippings for a spotless lawn, or mulch to add nutrients back to the soil.

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Measuring ground slope from foundation.

Importance of Proper Drainage Around the Foundation of Your Home

To ensure proper drainage around your home, it’s important to make sure the ground slopes away from the foundation.

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