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Staying Warm & Bringing Back the Shine (11.24.18)

Danny and Joe answer listener’s questions on Today’s Homeowner Radio.

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Danny Lipford with attic insulation

Here’s How Much Insulation You Really Need in the Attic

A homeowner’s family is torn over what to do with a water heater and insulation in the attic. She asks Danny and Joe for help on Today’s Homeowner Radio.

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How Hard Is It to Install a Wood Floor?

Installing wood floors can range from a fairly easy DIY project to one that requires carpentry and finishing skills. Here are three options commonly available from easiest to hardest to install.

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Do It! Polish Cultured Marble Countertops

It takes just a few simple steps to polish cultured marble countertops and get them looking their best.

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“The Greatest Hits 2018” (11.3.18)

A collection of callers and interviews from the past year on Today’s Homeowner Radio.

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Help! A Kitchen Flood Warped My French Doors — Now What?

Danny and Joe help a caller struggling to put his kitchen back to normal after it flooded.

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Danny and Joe — Reunited! (11.10.18)

Danny and Joe were both in the studio this week, reuniting to help get listeners from across the country through some tough home improvement inquiries.

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Water meter

How to Check a Water Meter to Find Plumbing Leaks

Find out how to know if you have a hidden plumbing leak in your pipes by checking the water meter for the house.

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