Outdoor Cooking & Grilling

Outdoor burner and griddle from Twin Eagles

Outdoor Kitchen Appliances for Your Home

Watch this video to find out about Twin Eagles outdoor appliances, including a restaurant style grill, prep area with cutting block, breakfast center with a griddle, and mini-fridge.

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outdoor kitchen

Advantages of an Outdoor Kitchen for Your Home

If you do a lot of cooking and grilling outdoors, you may want to consider installing an outdoor kitchen on your deck, porch, or patio. The first step is to visit to a showroom to purchase a quality charcoal or gas grill. Watch this video to find out more.

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solar cooker oven

Advantages of a Solar Cooker or Oven

You can make your own solar oven or purchase one that is ready to use. While solar cookers take longer to cook and won’t work for every meal; under the right conditions, they can save both energy and labor.

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Using grill cleaner to clean the cooking grates on a gas grill.

How to Clean a Gas Grill

Watch this video for tips on how to clean the cooking grates, ceramic plates, and burners on a gas grill to keep it cooking great all summer long.

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charcoal vs gas grilling

Environmental Consequences of Charcoal vs. Gas Grilling

Purists will tell you that you aren’t grilling unless you use charcoal, but the fact is that most of the charcoal you buy is actually a combination of sawdust, corn starch, and lighter fluid that releases 11 pounds of carbon dioxide into the air an hour. Compare that to a gas grill which produces half as much.

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Danny Lipford with gas grill

How to Choose a Grill: Gas vs. Wood

While the most common grills these days are gas, cooking with hardwoods or charcoal can produce better tasting results. Watch this video to find out more about the pros and cons of different type grills.

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outdoor kitchen

How to Plan and Design an Outdoor Kitchen

When designing an outdoor kitchen for your home, be sure to use weather resistant materials and provide a way to vent the smoke from the grill out of enclosed areas. Watch this video to find out more.

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Danny Lipford grilling on a gas grill.

Propane Gas Grill Safety Tips

There’s nothing better than food cooked on a grill, but grilling can be dangerous if you’re not careful. Read these safety tips on grilling to find out more.

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