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Paver Patios

Laying pavers over a crushed stone and sand base.

Patio and Driveway Paver Foundation Tips

Laying a paver patio or driveway starts with a good foundation. Watch this video for tips on how to use crushed stone and a compactor to make sure your paver foundation holds up over time.

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Easy Outdoor Enhancements for Your Home

From laying a paver walk or drive to cleaning and staining a concrete patio or porch, this is a great time to get outside to enhance and improve your outdoor living space. Read on to find out more.

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Using metal pipe and a screed board to even the sand base for a paver patio.

Paver Patio Sand Base Leveling Tip

Watch this video to find out how to level the sand base for a paver patio using metal pipes and a screed board.

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Completed paver patio and outdoor fireplace.

Backyard Makeover Improves Outdoor Living

See how we enhanced a tornado ravaged backyard by adding a paver patio, outdoor fireplace, and arbor bench to turn it into the perfect spot for outdoor relaxing and entertaining.

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Laying pavers on a base of crushed limestone topped with sand.

Tips for Laying a Paver Patio

Laying a paver patio can make a great DIY project, but it’s important to be sure the ground under it is prepared properly.

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Tricia Craven Worley on stone and brick patio

Cleaning and Sealing a Brick or Stone Patio

Watch this video for tips on when and how to clean and seal a brick, stone, or other type of masonry patio.

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Comosite patio pavers

Composite Pavers Made from Recycled Materials

Watch this video to find out about Azek Vast composite pavers, which are made from up to 95% recycled materials, weigh less than concrete pavers, and are easy to install.

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Danny Lipford in driveway in front of Kuppersmith house

Kuppersmith Home Renovation Project 9: Floor and Paver Patio

The Kuppersmith home renovation project follows the extensive renovation of a two-story, Tudor style home built in 1926 in Mobile, Alabama. In the ninth of our 13-part series, we finish the heart pine floors and install a paver patio.

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