Paver Patios

Applying Brick Pavers to a Concrete Slab Patio in a Cold Climate

William asks, “Can I attach brick pavers to a concrete patio slab using mortar in a cold climate, or will winter freezes and thaws cause problems?”

As long as the pavers are put down during warm weather, they should be fine. Read on to find out more.

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Laying pavers on sand

Installing a Paver Patio at the Kuppersmith Project House

To create an area for outdoor entertaining at the Kuppersmith Project house, a paver patio was installed between the back porch and garage. The process involved putting down a layer of filter fabric, followed by crushed stone, sand, and the pavers. Watch this video to find out more.

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Tractor grading lot at the Kuppersmith Project house

How to Grade a Lot and Excavate for a Driveway or Paver Patio

In order for the lot on the Kuppersmith Project house to drain properly, a tractor was used to grade the ground so it sloped away from the house and any rainwater runoff flowed away from the foundation. Watch this video to find out more.

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Brick paver walk

How to Choose Between Brick and Concrete Pavers

Anita asks, “What’s the difference between brick and concrete paving stones?”

Both brick and concrete pavers are installed the same way and offer years of use and durability, but there are important differences. Read on to find out more.

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Polymer based sand for patio pavers

Polymer Based Sand for Locking Patio Pavers in Place

Laying a patio out of brick pavers makes a good DIY project, but problems can arise when it comes to locking the pavers into place. Use a polymer-based material, which stays put and flexes rather than cracking.

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Danny Lipford laying pavers for patio.

How to Lay Brick Pavers on a Concrete Slab Porch

To improve the look of a concrete slab porch, a layer of solid brick pavers can be added on top of the existing slab. Watch this video to find out how to go about it.

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building a brick paver patio

How to Build a Brick Paver Patio in Your Yard

A brick paver patio is much more attractive than a bland concrete slab. Laying a patio made from brick pavers makes a good DIY project for your home. Watch this video to find out more.

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filling joints in patio pavers

Filling Joints in Patio Pavers

The joints between patio pavers are usually filled with sand, which has a tendency to wash out of the cracks over time. PowerLoc Jointing Sand from Quikrete is a polymer based product that prevents it from washing out or cracking. Simply pour it out and sweep the jointing sand diagonally into the cracks with a push broom. To lock it in place, mist the surface down with water from a sprayer, going over it three times within an hour, and let dry.

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