Stain and Paint Decks Patios

Maintaining a Wood Deck

To properly maintain a wood deck, you need to clean and refinish it from time to time. Watch this video to see how to go about cleaning and finishing your wood deck.

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Acid stained porch

How to Score and Acid Stain a Concrete Slab Porch or Patio

Scoring lines and acid staining a concrete porch or patio can really serve to dress it up and give your outdoor space a more finished look. Watch this video to find out how to go about it on your home.

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Using a drill to attach pressure treated wood deck boards.

How to Maintain a Wood Deck

It’s important to regularly clean and refinish a wood deck to keep it looking good and prevent the wood from weathering or deteriorating over time.

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concrete patio

How to Improve the Look of a Concrete Patio

If you have a concrete patio at your home you may want to consider scoring a pattern of lines in the patio using a circular saw equipped with a diamond tipped masonry blade or finishing the concrete with a oil, latex, or acid based stain. Watch this video to find out more.

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paintbrush finishing concrete

How to Score Lines and Apply Finish to a Concrete Patio

To liven up a bland concrete patio, start by thoroughly cleaning the surface with a pressure washer, then give it character by cutting a series of shallow lines into it. After laying out the pattern for the lines, cut them into the concrete using a circular saw equipped with a masonry blade and using a board a guide. Watch this video to find out more.

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Patio floor after cleaning and scoring lines in concrete.

Dressing Up a Patio Floor

Randy asks, “We have a patio that is old and stained. Do you have any suggestions of how to clean it or if tile would work?”

There are several options available that could really dress up your patio floor including concrete stain or porcelain tile. Read on to find out more.

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