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bucket cord caddy

Bucket Cord Caddy

If you’re tired of constantly untangling and tripping over your extension cord, try turning a 5-gallon plastic bucket into this handy cord caddy by drilling a hole in the side near the bottom. Watch this video to find out more.

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Using CFLs in Light Fixtures

Ricky asks, “My light fixtures have a maximum wattage rating for bulbs. If I change to energy efficient CFL bulbs do the recommended wattage ratings still apply?”

You can use compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs that produces more light than standard bulbs as long as they do not exceed the maximum wattage recommended.

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Installing a motion sensor outdoor security light.

How to Install an Outdoor Security Light

Watch this video to find out how to replace your existing lights with ones that contains motion sensors to enhance security and provide needed illumination automatically.

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CFL bulb on green ferns

CFL Bulbs: A Bright Idea for Going Green

So you want to go green but aren’t sure how to take that first step without cleaning out your wallet in the process? Well look no further than the lighting aisle of your nearest home improvement store. There you’ll find a wide selection of compact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFLs, that will actually save you money while helping the environment at the same time.

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Home Automation

Danny takes a look at a high-tech home automation system that uses a touch screen with programmable timers to control everything from lighting and temperature to the security system and audio/video components.

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Automated Lighting Systems for Your Home

Danny talks to an automated lighting expert about wireless remote controlled lighting. These systems can let you set lighting to time, mood, or control it from the car.

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Controlling Power Surges

Power or voltage surges are very short periods of high voltage. An extremely high voltage surge can damage major appliance motors and totally destroy sensitive electronic equipment.

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Landscape lighting

Landscape Lighting Design Tips

There are few things quite as pleasing as an artfully lit landscape, but it can be a surprising challenge to make it appear natural. Read on for tips on how to design and layout landscape lighting in your yard.

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