Exterior Painting & Staining

paintbrush types

How to Choose a Paintbrush

When you’re choosing a paintbrush for you next project you’ll want to consider the size of the brush and the type of material it’s made with. Watch this video to find out more.

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How to Paint a Brick House

Want to transform dark, dated brick for a lighter look? Here’s how to paint it and add some curb appeal!

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Paint pink flamingo

How to Paint Plastic Garden Decor

Watch this video to find out how to paint exterior plastic decorative items around your home using special paint made for painting plastic.

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How to Paint Your Garage a Faux-Wood Finish

You can transform any steel or wood garage door with Giani Wood Look Paint.

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Man on ladder painting house exterior

Recommended Temperatures for Painting Your House

Is it too cold to paint your home’s exterior? Here’s Danny’s rule of thumb.

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Light fixture before and after painting.

How to Paint Outdoor Light Fixtures

The finish on exterior brass light fixtures can become weathered and unattractive over time. Watch this video to find out how to spray paint light fixtures for a brand new look.

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How Cold Weather Affects Construction Projects

Winter weather can be tough on anyone working outdoors, including construction crews. It can even impact whole job sites, causing problems and delays. Here are some of the pitfalls of cold-weather construction.

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Use These 4 Items for an Economical, Professional-Grade Paint Job

Painting your home’s siding? Use this combination of tools to get a smooth, professional-grade finish every time.

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