Replacing wood siding on a house.

How to Replace Damaged Wood Lap Siding

Find out how to remove damaged or rotten wood lap siding, and install new wood siding to replace it. Watch this video to find out more.

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Squirrel hole in eave fascia board.

Tackling Common DIY Exterior House Repairs

Keeping the outside of your home in good condition requires regular maintenance. Watch this video to see how to make common exterior repairs, including fixing squirrel damage to eaves and replacing rotten siding.

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Rotten door casing and jamb.

How to Patch Damaged or Rotten Wood

Find out how to repair damaged, nonstructural wood molding or trim on your home by filling the damaged area with automotive body filler. Watch this video to find out more.

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Danny Lipford replacing hardboard siding with fiber cement.

Replacing Rotten Hardboard Siding on Your Home

Hardboard lap siding can deteriorate over time due to exposure to water. Watch this video to find out how to remove rotten hardboard siding, and replace it with more durable fiber cement siding.

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Danny Lipford discussing spring home maintenance products.

Products to Make Spring Home Maintenance Chores Easy

Spring is a great time to tackle outdoor maintenance chores around your home. Watch this video to find out about three products that can reduce spring maintenance and make the work go faster and easier.

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Royal siding and trim on house.

3 Products to Reduce Spring Maintenance on Your Home

The arrival of spring means it’s time to head outside to get your home and yard in shape for the warm weather ahead. Read on to find out about three innovative products that can reduce or eliminate some of those spring maintenance around your home.

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Replacing water damaged hardboard siding with durable fiber cement siding.

How to Replace Damaged Hardboard Siding with Fiber Cement

Water from rain or sprinklers can damage hardboard siding over time, causing it to rot or deteriorate. Watch this video to see how to go about replacing damaged hardboard siding with more durable fiber cement.

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Sanding a badly weathered entry door before refinishing.

Repairing Weather Damage to Your Home

Watch this video to find out how to repair damage to your home caused by the weather, from refinishing an entry door to cleaning and staining a concrete patio to replacing rotten siding.

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