Front of brick house with entry door arbor.

Exterior Home Update: Window Replacement and Entry Arbor

Watch this video to see how we improved the curb appeal of this house by building a wood arbor over the entry door and reduced the energy costs by installing new vinyl replacement windows and shutters.

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Danny Lipford in front of house.

Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Summer is right around the corner, with plenty of warm weather and sunshine on the way. But along with the welcome change in the weather are harmful UV rays that can damage outdoor wood surfaces and blistering heat that can run your utility bills through the roof. Read on for three ways to save energy and protect your home this summer.

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Windows with closeable drapes.

Insulating Windows and Doors from the Inside Out

Insulating your windows keeps both heat and cold out, while holding conditioned air in. And if your windows are old and drafty, you’ll need to do your utmost to keep them sealed both summer and winter. Read on to find out how.

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Cleaning window screens with a vacuum cleaner and upholstery brush attachment.

Cleaning Window Screens with a Vacuum Cleaner

Find out how to clean your window screens the easy way with a vacuum cleaner and upholstery brush attachment.

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Attaching window latch to window sash.

Tip to Reduce Air Leaks Between Window Sash

Watch this video to find out how to tighten up rattling window sash to keep cold air out in winter and in during summer to lower both your heating and cooling bills.

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Sweating window

How to Prevent Condensation and Sweating on Windows

Condensation or sweating on the inside of windows during cold weather is caused by high humidity inside your home. Watch this video to find out more.

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Windows with replacement sash

Window Sash Replacement Saves Energy

If you have an older home with single pane glass windows, replacing the existing sash with insulated glass sash replacement kits can improve energy efficiency and lower maintenance in your home. Watch this video to find out more.

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Window installers replacing windows on a home

Energy Efficient Window and Door Replacement for Your Home

Watch this video to see how these homeowners lowered their heating and cooling bills by replacing the drafty, old windows and doors in their home with energy efficient, double pane, insulated windows and doors.

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