Heating & Cooling

This Ceiling Fan Makes Installation Easy

Looking for the easiest option to stay cool? This ceiling fan’s parts just click into place — and it’s remote controlled!

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Person adjusting a wall thermostat with dollar sign symbol on the display

5 Tips to Reduce Your Summer Energy Bill

While nothing can be done about higher temperatures, you can take a number of steps to reduce energy bills. Here are five ways to do just that.

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4 Summer Maintenance Tips for Air Conditioning Systems

If you haven’t thought about your heating and cooling system since last summer, it’s time for a tune-up. Here are tips to keep the unit running efficiently.

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Air Duct Cleaning: Scam or Worth It?

Whether you should hire air duct cleaners depends on 5 factors. Here’s more about that, and how to avoid duct-cleaning scams.

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filling crack in brick with insulation

How to Prevent Heat Loss and Gain in Your Home

Up to 40% of the heat loss or gain in a home is due to leaks in the thermal envelope surrounding the living space. To save energy, make sure the attic has plenty of insulation, and fill any cracks or gaps around windows, doors, plumbing pipes, and HVAC lines. Installing foam gaskets behind switch and outlet covers is another good way to reduce air infiltration in your home.

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House in the snow

8 Tips to Lower Your Heating Bill

Climbing heating bills are a concern this time of year. Here are some tips to reduce yours!

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Packaged Thermal Air Conditioners: Not Just for Hotels

Packaged thermal air conditioners are often seen in hotels, but homeowners can use them, too.

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Tips to Effectively Maintain Your Heating and Cooling System

Most homes have a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system that they rely on to keep themselves comfortable during inclement weather. HVAC systems have become more complex as technology has developed, but there are still things that you can do to keep your HVAC system functioning and as good as new. It is important to […]

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