Interior Doors

Innovative Home Solutions for Aging in Place

Danny explores some innovative ideas to make homes more accessible, such as hinges that provide additional clearance for wheelchairs, removing thresholds from exterior doors, ADA compliant faucets, and shower grab bars. Watch this video to find out more.

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Hinge Pin Door Repair

Danny demonstrates how to repair an interior door that keeps swinging open or closed. By putting pressure on the hinge pin and bending it slightly, the problem is solved.

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Loose Door Hinge Repair Tip

Sagging doors are often the result of loose hinges caused by stripped hinge screws in over sized holes in the door or jamb. Watch this video for an easy fix to this problem using a golf tee.

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Door Painting Tip

Painting six panel doors with a brush is a chore, but it can be made easier by removing them from their hinges and laying them horizontally. This can be time consuming though if you have to wait for one side to dry before flipping the door over to paint the other side.

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Cutting a door hinge mortise with a chisel.

How to Cut Mortises for Door Hinges with a Chisel

Watch this video to find out how to cut mortises for door hinges by hand using a hammer and chisel.

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