How to Install Crown Molding the Easy Way

Find out how to install crown molding the easy way using premade inside and outside corner blocks. Watch this video to find out more.

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How to Paint Baseboards in a Carpeted Room

If you’ve ever painted baseboards in a carpeted room, you know how hard it is to keep the paint from getting on the carpet. Here’s a neat tip using an old metal window blind that will allow you to get the job done like a pro in no time. Read on to find out more.

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urethane moldings solid wood

Advantages of Urethane Moldings over Solid Wood

A number of high-density urethane building products are available from Fypon that can be cut and finished just like wood while providing added resistance to decay and termites. Products include turned spindles for porches, ceiling medallions, and easy to install crown moldings that don’t require mitering.

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using a hammer to remove molding

How to Remove Molding

When renovating a room, the first step is to remove the existing molding. If you are careful, you can take it off without damage for reuse later. Watch this video to find out how.

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Motorized miter saw.

Tips for Cutting Moldings

Raymond asks, “I am replacing my trim around the windows and doors and also replacing the baseboard. What is the secret in getting good fits in both places?”

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Room with white crown molding and picture rail molding and yellow walls.

Elegant Extras: Adding Molding to Your Home

Read on to find out about crown molding, chair rail, and wainscoting that can transform even the most modest home into a design dream.

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Homemade marking jig for baseboard and other moldings.

DIY Jig to Mark Baseboard Moldings for Cutting

A simple way to mark baseboards and other moldings for cutting is by making a homemade jig called a “preacher” from a scrap board. Watch this video to find out how.

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Cutting molding clamped to scrap board with handsaw.

Tip for Cutting Molding Cleanly with a Handsaw

Watch this video to find out how to cut wood molding cleanly without splintering using a handsaw.

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