Interior Home Improvement


3 Advantages of Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops are versatile, with indoor or outdoor use and endless customization options.

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How to Finish & Install Wood Countertops

Butcher block is one of the more affordable types of countertop, and installing it is easy. Here’s the step-by-step process.

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Protect Your Home with AFCI Outlets

Fact: You can prevent many home electrical fires. Watch this video for Danny’s message about arc-fault circuit interrupter protection.

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3 Hidden Electrical Fire Hazards in Your Home

Electronic appliances, equipment and wiring are modern conveniences that keep our homes lit, cool and connected. But these same luxuries can create hazards and cause electrical fires that result in serious injury and property damage. Fires caused by electrical failure or malfunction are the third leading cause of accidental home structure fires, ranked just behind […]

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Smart Lighting and Ventilation Solutions for Your Home

People always want to know how they can make their homes smarter, and here are two awesome products to do just that!

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How to Make Your Own Built-In Storage

No longer need a door? You can easily transform it into storage space.

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4 Ways to Create a Sensory-Friendly Space

Caring for someone with autism? Design with color, light, patterns and texture in mind.

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Updating a Dark, Dated Den

This once dark and dated den looks nice and inviting after Danny and Chelsea lighten and brighten it.

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