Interior Home Improvement

Child sleeping

5 Tips to Design a Calming Bedroom for a Child with Autism

People on the autism spectrum can find it difficult to sleep. Here’s how to make your child’s bedroom more soothing, so they can get the sleep they need.

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six pack storage

Upcycled Storage for Spray Paint and Glue Bottles

Watch this video to find out how to organize and store spray cans and glue bottles using six-pack drink cartons to make it easy to find what you need and take it with you on the job.

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Everything You Need to Patch and Repair Drywall

Patching drywall can be time-consuming and downright messy! But this kit has everything you need to make the job neat and easy.

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How to Save Leftover Paint with Plastic Wrap

Quality paint isn’t cheap — here’s a way to store and preserve it between projects.

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How to Lay Ceramic Tile on a Tile Floor

Surface preparation is necessary to lay ceramic tile over ceramic tile. Watch this video to learn the process, step by step.

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What to Save and Toss After a Hurricane

This quick guide shows what to save and what to toss after a hurricane.

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Ep 21. Installing Tile Over Tile — and Keeping Mildew Off Your Porch

Why there could be some issues with tiling over existing tile, and how to keep mildew from appearing every year. There’s a foolproof way to protect the exterior of your home!

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outdated kitchen

4 Kitchen Layout Mistakes to Avoid

The kitchen should not only be functional; it should also be comfortable — but that’s not always possible due to these layout problems.

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