Interior Painting & Finishing

Chalky Paint on Desk

How to Make Chalky Paint for Antiquing Furniture

Chalky paint is popular because it requires NO surface prep. Just apply the paint to any piece of furniture. But first, here’s how to make this ‘magic’ paint — in 3 easy steps!

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Plastic Melamine Cabinet Peeling

How to Repair and Paint Plastic-Coated Melamine Cabinets

Watch this video to find out how to reattach the plastic melamine coating on bathroom and kitchen cabinets, and how to sand and paint over plastic coated cabinets.

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paintbrush types

How to Choose a Paintbrush

When you’re choosing a paintbrush for you next project you’ll want to consider the size of the brush and the type of material it’s made with. Watch this video to find out more.

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How to Protect Light Fixtures When Painting a Ceiling

Painting the ceiling? Use this tip and you won’t need to remove a light fixture!

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How to Remove Paint from Window Panes

Painting around windows? Here’s the hard truth: You can’t paint wood without painting the glass. But here’s an efficient way to clean the glass afterward!

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Window case molding

How to Add Window Case Molding

Want to inexpensively upgrade interior trim? Add window casings! Here’s how in 5 easy steps.

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Side table with crackle paint finish.

Do It! How to Give Furniture a Crackle Paint Finish

Find out how to antique your furniture by giving it a decorative crackle paint finish using water based wood glue and paint. Watch this video to find out how.

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Danny Painting Walls

6 Eco-Friendly Interior Paints for a Non-Toxic Home

Need interior paint? Here are six options to consider that have low or zero Volatile Organic Compounds.

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