Using a pencil to hold plastic laminate edging away from countertop while contact cement dries.

How to Reattach Plastic Laminate Countertop Edging

The adhesive holding the edge banding on plastic laminate countertops can come loose over time. Watch this video for tips on how to reattach or reglue loose laminate edging before it breaks. Learn More »

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Stainless Steel Painted Appliances

How to Refinish Dated Appliances with Stainless Steel

Want to refresh your kitchen on a budget? Here’s how to transform the look of your dated, white refrigerator, range and dishwasher for less than $100!

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Plastic Melamine Cabinet Peeling

How to Repair and Paint Plastic-Coated Melamine Cabinets

Watch this video to find out how to reattach the plastic melamine coating on bathroom and kitchen cabinets, and how to sand and paint over plastic coated cabinets.

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KITCHEN renovation

5 Kitchen Cleaning Tips That May Be New to You

Over time, grease and gunk buildup make your range hood ineffective. Here’s how to clean it along with other areas in your kitchen.

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Wood cutting boards

How to Clean and Disinfect a Wood Cutting Board

Here’s a nontoxic way to clean and disinfect a cutting board.

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Engineered or hardwood flooring

Buyer’s Guide: Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood Flooring

The broad appeal of hardwood flooring has made it a popular choice among homeowners. It has a classic aesthetic that matches a variety of styles, whether you’re working with a traditional interior or something more modern. However, as you evaluate the many flooring options, you may see the appeal in engineered hardwood. While it’s a […]

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Kitchen island

How to Size — and Visualize — a Kitchen Island

Modifying a cardboard box makes planning a kitchen island easy.

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Joe Truini using a coat hanger wire to clean between oven door glass.

How to Clean Inside the Glass on an Oven Door

This simple tip allows you to clean between the double glass panes on an oven door without having to take the oven door apart.

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