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Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen #3 After

Before and After Kitchen Slideshow

Remodeling these kitchens resulted in a dramatic transformation in both their look and functionality. In some cases the room itself was enlarged by removing a wall while others simply reorganized the existing space.

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Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations add more value to your home than improvements in almost any other areas, but they also can make a drastic difference in how your home is used. Danny has some advice to help make the right decisions during the renovation.

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Kitchen Remodel Preparation

During a remodel is the perfect time to evaluate the condition of the many hidden elements of your home. Danny points out some areas to check when the walls are opened up and the place cleared out.

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Kitchen Island Layout

Watch this video to see an easy way to get a realistic sense of this space a kitchen island will take up before it’s built or installed using a cardboard box.

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