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Joe Truini using a coat hanger wire to clean between oven door glass.

How to Clean Inside the Glass on an Oven Door

This simple tip allows you to clean between the double glass panes on an oven door without having to take the oven door apart.

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Warm kitchen

4 Ways to Bring Warm Colors to a Cold Kitchen

Nothing’s more inviting than a warm, functional kitchen. But if people in your home avoid this room, a few simple changes can make the space more welcoming. Colors stir different feelings in people, and there are many ways to bring warmth and comfort to your kitchen through color. Here are some examples. 1. Paint the […]

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Paint cabinets

How to Properly Paint Cabinets

The key to properly painting cabinets is preparation — here’s the step-by-step guide.

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This Faucet Makes Cooking Easier

When the water is cool, a ring on this faucet lights up blue. When it starts to get warm, it turns to magenta and when hot it turns red.

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How to Build a Storage Shelf Under the Kitchen Sink

This tip will nearly double the storage space under your kitchen sink.

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How to Properly Vent a Bathroom Exhaust Fan in an Attic

Venting a bathroom exhaust fan into your attic is never a good idea — here are three better options.

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How to Lay Ceramic Tile on a Tile Floor

Surface preparation is necessary to lay ceramic tile over ceramic tile. Watch this video to learn the process, step by step.

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Ep 21. Installing Tile Over Tile — and Keeping Mildew Off Your Porch

Why there could be some issues with tiling over existing tile, and how to keep mildew from appearing every year. There’s a foolproof way to protect the exterior of your home!

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