Animals & Wildlife

Mulch made from coca beans.

Is Cocoa Bean Mulch Toxic to Pets?

James asks, “I’ve heard that cocoa bean mulch can be toxic to animals. Is there any truth to that?”

According to a 2003 study, cocoa bean mulch can be toxic to animals. It contains theobromide, which is very hard for many animals to metabolize.

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Homemade suet bird feeders.

How to Make a Suet Bird Feeder

When the weather is cold, many birds rely on fat to help them survive freezing temperatures. A bird feeder made of suet or other fat is a great way to help out the birds during the winter, and it’s an easy and fun project to tackle on a cold winter’s day. With supervision, this can be a great project for kids, too.

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Pile of dirt from hole in yard.

Identifying the Cause of Holes in Your Lawn

Jan asks, “My lawn is full of holes. What could be causing them, and what should I do about it?”

Small holes in your lawn are almost always caused by a digging or burrowing creature, and before you can address the problem you have to identify the cause.

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Composting with Worms

The big news as we kick off the first show of the season is…I’ve got worms! A new feature in the show is our Thinking Green, and the first topic is about composting. I did a lot of researching on the web about composting, and every place I turned mentioned the benefit of including red worms in your compost pile.

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Swallowtail butterfly on blue flower.

Flowers for a Butterfly Garden

A butterfly garden is an easy way to bring some beauty and fun to your garden. Many species of plants and flowers attract butterflies – some provide nectar for the adults, and some provide nutritious leaves for the larvae to feed upon. Read on to find out more.

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Hummingbird feeding on flower in a backyard garden.

Hummingbirds in the Garden

Every spring, birdwatchers across the country welcome the return of hummingbirds as they migrate north. These tiny, beautiful birds are a delight to watch as they hover and dart throughout the garden. And while hummingbird feeders do provide nourishment to the energetic birds, an active feeder is a source of pure pleasure for gardeners and bird-lovers alike.

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