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Fruits & Vegetables

Raised planting bed made from brick

Raised Bed Gardening FAQ

Raised bed gardens have a number of advantages over ground level planting and are perfect for both vegetables and flowers. Read on to find the answers to frequently asked questions about how to construct and plant a raised bed garden in your yard.

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Basil growing near tomatoes in a container garden.

Does Planting Basil Near Tomato Plants Repel Insects?

“I read somewhere that if you plant basil with tomatoes, it will repel insects and make the tomatoes taste better. Is there any truth to that?”

While there’s little scientific evidence, basil is thought to be a natural deterrent for several insect pests. Read on to find out more.

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Filling raised planting bed with soil

How to Make a Wood Raised Planting Bed for Your Garden

Building a raised planting bed is a great way to grow vegetables or flowers that has many advantages. Watch this video to see how to make a raised planting bed for your yard from pressure treated wood that has built-in irrigation and weed control.

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Tiller sitting in plowed garden

That Special Spring Exhaustion

With spring threatening to give way to summer, it was high time we got some things planted. So, we had what can only be described as an epic work weekend around here, including putting in a vegetable garden, an herb garden, and planting grapevines. Read on to find out more.

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Raised beds made of wood

Advantages of Raised Planting Beds for Your Garden

If you’re planning on adding a vegetable or flower garden, consider a raised bed for planting. Raised beds offer a number of distinct advantages over traditional ground-level gardens.

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Pineapple plant with pineapple growing on top

How to Grow Pineapples as Houseplants

Who says you can’t have a taste of the tropics in your own living room? Pineapples are easy to grow as houseplants, and you can start one with a pineapple crown from your own kitchen. Read on to find out how to root and grow pineapples indoors in your home.

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Seedling growing in garden

How to Test Seeds for Germination Before Planting

Before heading out to plant your garden, it’s a good idea to test your seeds for viability, especially if you’re using seeds you collected or leftover seeds from last year. Read on for an easy, DIY technique for testing seed germination that can be done using ordinary household materials.

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Tomato plants tied to stake with tomatoes on them.

How to Choose the Right Variety of Tomato Plant for Your Garden

With hundreds of varieties of tomatoes to choose from, plant and seed selection can be quite a challenge. Read on for a guide to help you sort through all the jargon when deciding which tomatoes to plant in your garden.

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