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Landscaping & Design

Danny Lipford wetting down completed concrete stone path.

DIY Improvement Projects for Your Yard

Watch this video for tips on how to landscape and maintain your yard, as well as three great DIY backyard improvement projects, including how to pour a concrete path, build forms and pour curbing, and install a garden arbor.

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Completed sunroom, deck, and pool addition

Sunroom, Deck, and Pool Addition Project, Part 2

Watch this video to see the completion of our sunroom, porch, deck, and pool additions that will enhance the homeowner’s beautiful view of the water, including spraying cellulose insulation, inlayed pine floors, and ipê wood on the pool house.

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Standing water in yard

Importance of Proper Drainage in Your Yard

Poor drainage in your yard can cause several serious problems and needs to be corrected. Watch this video to find out more.

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Water feature made from a recycled planter

Easy DIY Water Features for Your Yard, Garden, Patio, or Deck

A water feature is a beautiful, soothing addition to any garden, whether it’s a spacious backyard or a small balcony. You can make a simple water feature in an afternoon, with supplies readily available at your local home center. Read on to find out how.

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Flashlights duct taped to stakes

How to Check the Layout of Landscape Lighting in Your Yard

Before installing landscape lighting in your yard, test the layout of the lights first to make sure they’ll have the desired result. Watch this video for some simple, DIY tests to check landscape lighting.

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Shrubs planted on a hillside

How to Plant Trees and Shrubs on a Slope or Hillside

When landscaping on a hillside with trees or shrubs, proper planting is key. Taking a few extra steps during planting will ensure that your landscaping stays put and grows strong. Read on to find out how to plant on a slope in your yard.

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Using panty hose filled with soil to anchor plants on a hill

DIY Tip for Anchoring Plants on a Steep Slope in Your Yard

If you have a steep hill in your yard that erodes easily, watch this video for an easy DIY tip that can help hold plants in place and reduce erosion using old panty hose.

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Leveling blocks for a retaining wall on a gravel base

How to Level the Gravel Base for a Block Retaining Wall

Kevin asks, “I’m having a hard time leveling the first row of blocks on the gravel base for my retaining wall. Can I use sand instead?”

Try tamping the gravel down to compact it, or putting a thin layer of sand or fine gravel on top. Read on to find out more.

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