Lawn Care

Weeds growing in yard.

How to Control Weeds in Your Lawn

Confused by the vast number of weed control products crowding the aisles of your garden center? Find out what you need to know to prevent and control weeds in your yard, as well as which products are right for you.

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Choosing Grass for Your Climate

Louise asks, “I need help choosing the right kind of grass seed to plant.”

Choosing the right kind of grass to plant depends on the answers to a few simple questions. Read on to find out more.

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Patching a Bare Spot

A bare spot in the lawn can be unsightly and annoying. You can pamper the area and wait for the surrounding grass to fill in, but this takes time and patience.

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How to Water Your Lawn

We all know our lawns need water. But “how much”, “how often” and “when” are the questions. Turf expert Dr. Trey Rogers explains that early morning is the best time to water (between 4am and 9am) because the rising sun will dry off grass leaves.

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Keeping your lawn and garden watered is a chore that can be greatly benefited by sprinklers. Unfortunately, the options have been dragging around a portable sprinkler and guessing at the right location, or spending large amounts of money on an in-ground irrigation system. The Naan Undercover Sprinkler may be the compromise you’re looking for.

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Proper Mowing Techniques

Turf expert Dr. Trey Rogers tells us the best way to insure good lawn health is to mow properly. That begins with a sharp mower blade and mowing more often.

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Establishing a Lawn

Dr. Trey Rogers has a few tips for establishing a lawn from seed. Trimming is crucial for planting. Plant in late fall or early spring for cool season grasses. Warm season grasses should be planted in late spring or early summer. For new construction homes consider a soil test to determine if the soil is sub-soil instead of topsoil.

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Low Maintenance Lawn

Lawns by nature require some work, but you can reduce the amount of work and time spent by following a few simple guidelines. Good soil is the start, so aerate the lawn.

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