Pools & Water Features

adding pool house

Adding a Pool House to Your Home

A pool house was added to provide and a bathroom and changing facilities without having to go into the house. The privacy fence for the outside shower was made from a dense tropical wood called ipê, which is naturally resistant to rot and decay.

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plaster pool

How to Apply a Finish Coat of Plaster to a Pool

After the concrete for the pool has set, a coat of plaster is troweled on the sides and bottom to give it a smooth, finished appearance. Watch this video to see what is involved in the process.

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building screen enclosure

Building a Screen Enclosure for Your Pool

To keep your pool area free from unwanted leaves and insects, a custom built, aluminum framework can be erected over your entire pool and covered with durable screening.

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Water fountain with flowers around it

How to Choose a Water Feature or Fountain for Your Yard

The soothing sound of falling water coming from a fountain, waterfall, or other water feature can help turn your yard into a peaceful retreat. Watch this video to find out everything you need to know about adding a water feature to your yard.

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Landscaping Tips for a Bird-Friendly Yard

Incorporating a few simple ideas into your lawn and garden design will increase the bird population in your yard. Read on for landscaping tips for turning your yard into a wild bird haven.

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Allen Lyle and pool alarm

Pool Alarms Help Keep Children Safe

If you have a pool, make sure it’s fenced, has a gate that locks, and has a pool alarm. Pool alarms detect when a child has fallen in the water and then send a signal to a remote alarm located inside the house.

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Fountain with foam.

Removing Foam from a Garden Fountain

Judy asks, “What causes the water in my garden fountain to appear foamy and full of suds?”

Foam is a common problem in both indoor and outdoor fountains. Here are some tips for getting rid of it.

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Swimming pool.

Homemade Swimming Pool Line Antifreeze

Kurt asks, “Is there a way I can make my own swimming pool antifreeze for buried lines?”

Pool antifreeze is generally a propylene glycol solution, sometimes mixed with alcohol or other additives. Read more to find out where to purchase it.

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