Trees & Shrubs

Holly bush with bare branches.

Pruning Bare Branches on Holly Bushes

Judith asks, “I recently planted a pyramidal-shaped holly bush, and the lower branches are pretty bare. Can I prune them to encourage new growth?”

Holly bushes can lose leaves for a number of reasons, from diseases to environmental factors. Read on to find out more.

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Giant pampas grass at Biltmore Gardens.

How to Grow Ornamental Grasses in Your Yard

Ornamental grasses can add a touch of grace and beauty to your landscape – especially as other plants begin to die back in fall, leaving the gorgeous seed plumes to wave and rustle in the breeze. Read on to find out how to grow ornamental grasses in your yard.

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Crape myrtle bush blooming

How to Grow Crape Myrtles in Cold Climates

Lois asks, “Can I grow a crape myrtle indoors in a cold climate as a houseplant?”

Crape myrtles aren’t suited to grow as houseplants, since they need a period of winter dormancy. However, there are ways to grow crape myrtles in colder climates. Read on to find out how.

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Broken branch pruned back on Bradford pear tree

How to Deal with Broken Branches on a Bradford Pear Tree

Carmen asks, “A large limb has ripped off my Bradford pear tree, leaving a huge gash in the trunk. What should I do?”

Once a tree splits and damages the main trunk, it can be very hard to heal; but read on to find out the steps you can take.

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Shrubs planted on a hillside

How to Plant Trees and Shrubs on a Slope or Hillside

When landscaping on a hillside with trees or shrubs, proper planting is key. Taking a few extra steps during planting will ensure that your landscaping stays put and grows strong. Read on to find out how to plant on a slope in your yard.

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Cutting fallen tree with chainsaw

Hey Irene, Thanks for Nothing!

As Hurricane Irene roared up the eastern seaboard, it blew through western Connecticut and passed directly over our home. We received a month’s worth of rain in less than a day with sustained winds of over 75 miles per hour that raked the landscape for hours. Read on to find out more.

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Pink crape myrtle blooms in summer

Why Arent My Crape Myrtles Blooming

“My crape myrtles have bloomed in the past but haven’t this year. What could be wrong?”

There are several possibilities for why your crape myrtles haven’t bloomed. Read on to find out more.

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Wood mulch in foundation planting bed

Types of Mulch for Your Yard

Watch this video to find out about the many types of mulch that are available for your yard, including cypress mulch, red wood mulch, pine bark, and rubber mulch.

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