Shop Vac Strap

A wet-dry vacuum is a great tool to have in the garage or workshop but moving it around is often problematic. Invariably we pull the vacuum around by the hose and one of two things happens: the hose pulls out of the vacuum or the whole thing tips over.

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Beveled Cleat Pegboard Hanger

Pegboard is great to have in any garage or shop to hang your tools on, but to make it work properly you need to put wooden cleats around the back of it. The cleats allow the pegboard to remain off the wall so that you have room to put the hooks in.

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Safety Glasses Tips

Protect a pair of safety glasses or eye goggles from scratches and smudges by storing them in an old cotton sock, and outfit your safety glasses with an inexpensive nylon cord to allow you to hang the glasses from around your neck and keep you from losing them. Watch this video to find out more.

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Sweeping sawdust into shop vac floor nozzle mounted on wall.

Tip for Cleaning a Workshop with a Shop Vac

Find out an easy way to use a shop vac when sweeping up and cleaning your workshop or garage. Watch this video to find out more.

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Stackable fastener storage bin made from 5-gallon bucket.

DIY Stackable Fastener Storage Bucket

Find out how to make stackable fastener bins that fit inside a standard 5-gallon bucket to store nails and screws. Watch this video to find out more.

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Using pipe clamps to glue boards together.

How to Use Pipe Clamps for Gluing

Watch this video for tips on how to use pipe clamps, and extend the length of pipe clamps by adding additional sections of pipe.

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