Painting & Staining


How to Hack a Paint Sleeve into 3 Pieces

You need a 3-inch paint roller for some spaces, but you don’t need to purchase small paint sleeves.

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Do It! How to Limewash a Fireplace

Applying a limewash is a quick, easy way to update a fireplace. Here’s how to do it!

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How to Condition A New Paint Roller Cover

New paint roller covers leave lint on the walls — unless you condition them first. Here’s how to do that.

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How to Protect Light Fixtures When Painting a Ceiling

Painting the ceiling? Use this tip and you won’t need to remove a light fixture!

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3 Ways to Upgrade Your Home Décor with Paint

New furniture and accessories can enhance the décor of any room in your home. Unfortunately, they can easily cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars.  Instead of purchasing new, why not upcycle the things you already have? You can transform a garage-sale chandelier into the centerpiece of your dining room – or turn a piece of furniture that’s […]

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How to Remove Paint from Window Panes

Painting around windows? Here’s the hard truth: You can’t paint wood without painting the glass. But here’s an efficient way to clean the glass afterward!

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Man on ladder painting house exterior

Recommended Temperatures for Painting Your House

Is it too cold to paint your home’s exterior? Here’s Danny’s rule of thumb.

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Light fixture before and after painting.

How to Paint Outdoor Light Fixtures

The finish on exterior brass light fixtures can become weathered and unattractive over time. Watch this video to find out how to spray paint light fixtures for a brand new look.

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