Safety & Security

Applying a self-adhesive strips to an exterior wood step.

How to Prevent Slips and Falls on Outside Steps

Have outdoor stairs? This is one of the easiest ways to protect against slips and falls — stay safe!

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security camera

6 Tips to Improve Your Home’s Security

No one should feel unsafe in their home, and fortunately, you don’t have to. Taking these steps can prevent burglaries and provide peace of mind. 1. Install Motion Sensors Floodlights connected to motion sensors can scare away would-be thieves. Many of them won’t risk getting caught if they believe someone might see them. 2. Lock […]

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big tree with swing on green field, Chiang Mai, Thailand

How to Install a Tree Swing

Nothing says summertime like a tree swing. Here are tips to safely install one in your backyard!

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Clean Lint Trap

3 Tips to Prevent Clothes Dryer Fires

Dryer fires can be prevented with regular maintenance. Here are 3 tips to prevent common hazards.

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Industrial boiler room

ASK DANNY: Are Plastic Water Pipes Safe?

When water literally leaves a bad taste in your mouth, that’s cause for concern. Here’s what you should know about plastic pipes.

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Ryobi Easy Start generator

Portable Generator Features Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Ryobi’s Easy Start portable generator keeps you connected and protected with its carbon monoxide detector.

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3 Hidden Electrical Fire Hazards in Your Home

Electronic appliances, equipment and wiring are modern conveniences that keep our homes lit, cool and connected. But these same luxuries can create hazards and cause electrical fires that result in serious injury and property damage. Fires caused by electrical failure or malfunction are the third leading cause of accidental home structure fires, ranked just behind […]

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How to Capture Dust During Sanding

Sick of airborne dust while you’re sanding? Here’s the Simple Solution!

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