Safety & Security

Hurricane winds blowing palm trees on coast.

Preparing For Hurricane Season

Thousands of homeowners are devastated by the destruction a hurricane brings. Read on for some tips on how to protect your home before a storm strikes.

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Attic Drain Line Step

Exposed drain lines in an attic are often a trip hazard and can easily become damaged. To reduce this risk and prevent an accident build a bridge to cover the drain lines.

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Unlocking deadbolt lock with key.

Tips on Buying and Reinforcing Deadbolt Door Locks

Burglars and vandals can have a field day when they come across an exterior door unprotected by a deadbolt lock. Read on for tips on what to buy and how to reinforce a deadbolt lock on your home.

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Safety Glasses Tips

Protect a pair of safety glasses or eye goggles from scratches and smudges by storing them in an old cotton sock, and outfit your safety glasses with an inexpensive nylon cord to allow you to hang the glasses from around your neck and keep you from losing them. Watch this video to find out more.

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Bed Slat Boards

Bed slats that slide out of position are annoying if not dangerous and can create a bunk bed disaster. Watch this video to see how to solve the problem.

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Danny Lipford and Joe Truini with properly braced ladder.

Extension Ladder Safety Tips

Watch this video to find out how to properly set up, brace, and use an extension ladder safely so it doesn’t slide or fall.

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