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How to remove large mirrors
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Unhealthy grass

Ep 32. New Weed Killer, a Shrinking Floor & Behind-The-Scenes of the Today’s Homeowner TV Show

A TH fan stumbled on a weed killer after noticing brown spots on her lawn — we’ll share that tip, and much more, in this week’s Today’s Homeowner Podcast.

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Cultured Marble

Ep 31. Marble Wall Installations, Rusty Tub Drain, & Concrete Crumbling Concern

Listen for a number of tips to help install just about anything on a ceramic or cultured marble wall. Also, a homeowner has rust forming on the drain in her cast iron tub. How she can approach this problem.

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Gunite pool

Ep 30. Gunite Pool Repair, When to Stain a Deck and Removing Pet Hair

We talk about necessary repairs you may need to make if you have a gunite pool, and when is it safe to stain a deck. Danny has a simple tip using a drop of water that will help answer this question.

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How to remove large mirrors

Ep 29. Removing a Mirror, One Hot Handrail, and Cleaning a Grill

Learn how to safely remove large mirrors. It’s a slow and meticulous process that a homeowner is about to endure when taking down several big mirrors.

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Ep 28. Paint Plight & Repairing Chipped Baseboards

A listener from Michigan is honoring her mother who taught her how to sew by constructing a custom tabletop for sewing projects. However, the paint is beginning to lose its luster. Danny and Joe talk about why this may be happening and what she can do to fix it.

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Ep 27. DIY Privacy Wall & Pool Noodle Storage

We offer some suggestions on how to get some privacy on your deck. Also, how you can create storage on top of your vehicle using a pool noodle.

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Wide bathroom door

Ep 26. Widening a Doorway & Venting a Vaulted Ceiling

On this week’s podcast: • We’re talking about widening a doorway and what to keep in mind when tackling this type of project. • A homeowner’s bedroom is right above a garage and it’s getting far too hot. We have a few tips on how she can keep her bedroom cool. And: • A caller […]

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Get to Know Joe Truini 

This bonus episode of the Today’s Homeowner Podcast is the first of a two-part series where Danny and Joe open up about their upbringings and what led them to become two of the most trusted names in home improvement. In part one of the series, Danny interviews his co-host Joe Truini, giving you a deeper […]

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