Bags of winterizer lawn fertilizer.

How to Winterize the Grass in Your Lawn

Your lawn’s nutrient needs change in the fall in preparation for the cold weather ahead. If all the conflicting advice about whether or not to winterize your lawn has left you confused, you’re not alone! But figuring out what to do may not be as hard as it seems.

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Fall window box

How to Make an Easy Fall Window Box

Window boxes can be difficult to maintain in the winter. For a little something different this fall, try these easy and budget-friendly window boxes using ornamental kale, corn, and gourds. Read on to find out how.

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autumn leaves

Fall Yard and Garden Maintenance

Fall is a great time to wind down the growing season with a little preventative maintenance for your yard and garden. The topic of fall cleanup is a matter of much debate among gardeners – some believe in keeping things tidy, while others prefer some organic clutter. Whatever your style, a little fall housekeeping can go a long way in preventing disease and insect problems next year.

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How to Buy End of Season Bargain Plants

In the fall, and sometimes in late spring, you can find great end of season discounts on perennials, shrubs, and trees. However, many of the plants may be doomed, no matter how carefully you tend them, and a dead plant is no bargain at all! Read on for some tips on how to shop for bargain bin plants.

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Autumn Spider Webs

Fall is the active season for some of the larger species of garden spiders. Here are some thoughts about how to make peace with (and even enjoy) the spiders in your yard.

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Lettuce plants

Vegetable Garden: Growing Cool-Season Vegetables

Though we tend to regard summer as the heyday for growing vegetables, cool-season crops in the spring and fall can be just as rewarding. The cool daytime temperatures and occasional light frost yield the sweetest, crispest, most flavorful vegetables around. Read on to find out how to grow 10 cool-season vegetables in your yard.

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blue flowers

Ten Fall Perennial Flower Garden Favorites

Many fall-blooming perennials add to the traditional autumn color palette with reds, yellows, oranges, and purples, but that’s not all. There are also plenty of choices in pink, blue, white, and lavender for a softer look.

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How to Make Leaf Compost

Mulching is a natural way to build up soil and add nutrients, but if you let your leaves stay where they fall they can create a natural habitat for pests and some diseases. If you put your leaves in a compost pile you may notice that many are still intact while the vegetable matter is broken down.

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