Danny Lipford in front of home.

Spring Home Maintenance To-Do List

Spring is finally here, and I hope you’ve got a lot of energy, because this season’s to-do list will really get you moving! From cleaning gutters and windows to organizing your garage, our spring maintenance list will get your home in shape so you can enjoy the summer ahead.

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Using a pressure washer to spring clean a concrete patio.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Watch this video for some tips on how to spring clean your home both inside and out including paddle fans, window screens, decks, and more.

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Flowers in bloom

Get Going This Spring with Indoor and Outdoor Cleaning Tips

Now that we have officially entered spring, it’s time to get cleaned up and organized after such a long, cold winter. Longer hours of daylight means more time to spruce up the yard and clean out the closets. Read on for some tips on how to spruce up your yard and home this spring.

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Spring flowers blooming under tree

Ten Favorite Flowering Trees, Shrubs, and Plants for Spring Blooms

If you’re like me, and winter wears on a little long for your taste, be sure that your garden includes some plants that bloom early, so you can get the earliest start on spring. Here are ten popular favorite flowering trees, shrubs, and plants for the early spring garden.

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Seedlilngs growing in containers

When to Start Vegetable Seeds Indoors for Spring Planting

When starting seeds indoors for spring planting, timing is very important so the plants are large enough to move outdoors at the normal planting time. Read on to find out how to plan your seed calendar for spring planting, along with a schedule for when to plant seeds for popular garden vegetables.

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How to Spring Clean the Outside of Your Home

Cleaning and repairing the outside of your home doesn’t have to be a spring project, though it is nice to get outside and enjoy the warm weather after a long, cold winter inside. Here are some often neglected outdoor maintenance projects you might want to consider.

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Spring Hummingbird Migration

The arrival of the hummingbirds is one of the highlights of spring. Most years, they surprise me, zipping around the yard before I’ve even thought about hanging out my feeder. As spring moves northward, so do the birds, following the above freezing temperatures and spring blooms. Here are some resources and a handy chart to help you get ready for hummingbirds in your yard.

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Lettuce plants

How to Get an Early Start on Your Spring Garden

If you just can’t wait until the chance of freezing weather has passed before planting your spring vegetable garden, then read on to find out the secrets of how to give your plants a head start in the garden this spring.

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