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plastic storm panels

Plastic Storm Panels for Your Home

High winds from hurricanes and severe storms can cause broken windows, allowing extensive damage to the interior of your home. While covering windows with plywood is the least expensive option, polypropylene plastic storm panels weigh much less and allow light into the home. Watch this video to learn more about how plastic storm panels can protect your home.

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Vegetable Garden: Growing Warm-Season Vegetables

Summer vegetables are grown primarily for their fruits (rather than leaves or roots), and many will continue producing throughout the season with a little care. If you’re new to gardening, summer vegetables can be a great way to get started with a small garden plot or a few patio containers. Here are information and tips about growing warm-season vegetables.

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Using a cordless drill to attach plywood to a window

Boarding Up: Hurricane Storm Panels for Your Home

One of the best ways to minimize damage to your home during a hurricane is to cover your windows and doors with storm panels or shutters. There are many types available, but all require advance planning so they’re ready to go when a storm is heading your way.

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Fabric storm panels covering windows.

Fabric Storm Panels: Hurricane Protection for Your Home

Fabric storm panels, or wind abatement screens, are an innovative way to protect your windows, doors, and other openings from hurricane force wind and rain. They’re lightweight, easy to put up, allow you to see out, and are strong enough to stop flying projectiles.

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Satellite image of hurricane.

Top 10 Hurricane Myths Debunked

Even with the amount of attention hurricanes have received in recent years, there are still a number of misconceptions surrounding them. Here are the top 10 myths and the truth behind them.

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Fresh corn

Summer Bounty

There’s a farm where I live, where on Saturdays you can go buy vegetables as fresh as they come. Literally, the tractor pulls up from the field loaded with corn. Eager customers start grabbing, and the “cashier” is the farmer himself, calculating change without pen or paper. The summer’s bounty never looked better, and “eating your vegetables” suddenly seems like a treat.

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How to Reinforce a Home Against Wind Damage

To reduce wind damage from a hurricane or tornado, joints connecting the framing of a house are tied together from the roof down to the sill using metal straps and hardware.

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Boarding up windows with plywood before a hurricane.

Preparing Your Home for a Hurricane

Read on for suggestions on how to protect your home from hurricane wind damage and how to take extra precautions when building or remodeling your home.

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