Branch with ice on it.

When to Water Plants Before a Freeze

Carol asks, “A hard freeze is in my weather forecast. What are your recommendations about watering trees and shrubs in cold weather?”

In winter, the dry conditions can be more damaging than the cold itself. Learn how to water your plants properly here.

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Holly berries

Brighten Up Your Winter Garden with Berries

In the winter, gardeners have to be creative to bring color and texture to an otherwise bleak landscape. One of the best ways to do this is by planting shrubs that produce winter berries. Not only will you get the bright berries themselves, but your shrubs will soon be decorated with a host of colorful, feasting birds.

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House with snow around it

Winterizing Your Home

With winter here many Americans are looking for ways to save money on the rising cost of heating their homes. In addition, this is also the time of year when homeowners may want to take a look at some unwanted visitors who can do some real damage to areas of the home you may never see.

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Succulent plant

Winter Care of Succulents

Meredith asks, “I have succulent plants outside that do well in hot temperatures. How should I take care of them during the winter?”

The biggest threat to tender succulents is the combination of cold temperatures and wet soil. Read on to find out more.

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Tender bulb

How to Store Tender Bulbs Over the Winter

In all but the warmest planting zones, many summer and fall flowering bulbs will not survive a cold winter. These “tender bulbs” can’t handle the cold and need to be dug up, stored, and protected in colder climates. With a little practice, this can be done fairly easily and allows you to grow all sorts of plants that otherwise might not be winter hardy in your area.

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Rose blossom.

Winterizing Roses Using the “Minnesota Tip”

Many cultivated varieties of roses are not hardy below 10º- 20º F. To preserve the splendor of the rose garden, many gardeners are brave enough to try a technique called the “Minnesota Tip.” Using this method, the entire plants are actually tipped over and buried.

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Red rose bloom

How to Winterize Roses

If you live in a cold climate and grow tender hybrid tea, grandiflora, or floribunda roses, you may want to provide them with some winter protection before the temperatures dip too low. Follow these steps to make sure your roses are healthy and protected this winter.

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