Simple Solutions

Simple Solutions

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Tarp clips and bungee cords keep the tablecloth from blowing away.

Tip to Keep Tablecloths from Blowing Away

Here’s a tip to keep your tablecloths from blowing away on a windy day.

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dish detergent, vinegar, epsom salt

How to Make a Nontoxic Weed Killer

Use this inexpensive formula of epsom salt, white vinegar, and dish detergent to make a nontoxic weed killer.

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light with velcro strips

Tip for Lighting Small Spaces

Attach a piece of velcro to the back of a battery-powered light, and attach the other piece of velcro inside a small closet or cabinet. Then, simply detach the light to look for things in the closet or cabinet.

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spraying trash can with ammonia

Tip for Disinfecting Outdoor Trash Can

Spraying the inside and outside of your garbage can with undiluted ammonia can solve two common household problems.

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Cleaning microwave

Tip for Cleaning Microwave

To easily clean a microwave, use this Simple Solution that starts with a bowl of equal parts water and vinegar.

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Strap toggle in hollow wall

Using Strap Toggles as Hollow Wall Anchors

There are several types of hollow wall fasteners, and a toggle bolt is probably the most common. A better version of a toggle is called a strap toggle, which is a metal toggle attached to plastic straps.

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cleaning blinds with tongs and sponges

Tip for Cleaning Blind Slats

Follow this tip to clean blinds easily using kitchen tongs and a sponge.

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Joe Truini shows how to use a muffin tin in the garden.

Using Muffin Tins in the Garden

Use a muffin tin as a planting guide in your garden. Watch the video to learn more.

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