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Simple Solutions

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Man holding standard and pruning blades with reciprocating saw.

Using a Reciprocating Saw to Prune Tree Branches

Watch this video for tips on how to quickly and easily prune tree limbs and branches using a standard reciprocating saw equipped with a special pruning blade.

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Drilling a pilot hole in a wood board.

How to Drive Screws in Wood Without Splitting

Watch this video for tips on how to keep from splitting wood when driving screws with a cordless drill by using a reversible drill driver bit, which combines a screwdriver bit with a drill bit and countersink.

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Attaching string for garage parking gauge to garage door.

DIY Garage Tennis Ball Parking Gauge

Find out how to make a car parking gauge that raises and lowers using a tennis ball, string, and screw eye hooks. Watch this video to find out more.

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An extension ladder with protective foam covers made from a pool noodle.

DIY Extension Ladder Rail Covers

It’s important to cover the ends of extension ladder rails with protective covers to keep from damaging your house. Watch this video to find out how to make ladder covers the easy way using a foam pool noodle.

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Using drill to attach a section of downspout to a ceiling joist.

DIY Overhead Storage Rack from Downspout

Watch this video to find out how to make an overhead storage rack in your workshop or garage from gutter downspout to store molding and pipe the easy way.

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Six-pack carton filled with spray paint cans and glue bottles.

Spray Can and Glue Bottle Storage Tip

Watch this video to find out how to organize and store spray cans and glue bottles using six-pack drink cartons to make it easy to find what you need and take it with you on the job.

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Wiping copper bottom of pot with sponge dipped in hot vinegar and sprinkled with salt to clean it.

How to Clean Copper Pots and Pans the Easy Way

The copper bottom on copper-clad cookware can become stained and tarnished over time. Watch this video for an easy way to clean copper cookware naturally using vinegar and salt.

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Using sandpaper to sharpen a chisel.

How to Sharpen a Chisel with Sandpaper

Find out how to put a sharp edge on a dull chisel the easy way using a piece of sandpaper. Watch this video to find out more.

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