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Episode Excerpts

Do It: Polish Cultured Marble Countertops

It takes just a few simple steps to polish cultured marble countertops and get them looking their best.

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When Plumbing Leaks Happen, This Device Alerts You

This tiny device may be your best insurance policy against water damage.

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Try It: The Simple Way to Install Hardware

Sometimes, your hand gets in the way while tackling home improvements — but not with this tip.

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Spread Seed, Fertilizer Easily with This Handheld

This fertilizer and seed spreader helps you conveniently prepare your lawn and garden for the summer.

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Joe Truini root remove

A Simple Tool to Remove Roots

Joe Truini shares a Simple Solution for removing roots in your yard.

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927 Ryobi compact blower

This Compact Blower is Perfect for Your Workshop

Ryobi’s One+ Compact Blower comes in handy in your workshop, garage or basement.

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Painting Laminate Countertops

How to Paint Laminate Countertops

Sometimes, plastic laminate countertops, also called Formica countertops, need an update — and that doesn’t require replacing them all together. You can simply paint over them.

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BNP Ryobi Scope

This Device Shows What’s Behind Your Walls

Ryobi’s Phone Works Inspection Scope features a waterproof, LED-lit camera that you can stick inside a wall or pipe.

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