Exterior Facelift Photos

My house looks a little naked after the old asbestos siding was removed.


  1. Same type of siding that is currently on my house. Hoping to remove it this summer and maybe go with engineered wood or cement board siding.

  2. wow looks great and the cedar tree is gone……

  3. You ALL have done a beautiful job with this house. The transformation is amazing! And of course the hardwood floors are OVER-THE-TOP! Love it!

    • Hi Marilynn,
      Glad to hear you’re enjoying our First Time Homeowner series!

  4. watch your show every sunday morning, i was interested in the computer program you showed on new siding, how it would look before you buy i missed what it was called. could you e-mail me the name of the program please. i enjoy your program thank you

  5. Hi, I love the color of the siding and trim pieces. Can you tell me what colors you chose for the exterior makeover?

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