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Open Up Your Living Space with Phantom Screens!

Phantom screensBe ready to let the outdoors in! Whether it’s a patio renovation, a deck installation, or a new set of double-French doors, more and more homeowners are including Phantom retractable screens to improve their outdoor living areas. An increased interest in eco-friendly architecture is encouraging builders across the country to incorporate outdoor spaces with the overall home design. The backyard and garden become a part of the floor plan when sliding glass doors lead to patios and decks.

Phantom’s screens are a beautiful and effective solution for the common drawbacks of outdoor lifestyle such as insects, solar heat gain, and lack of privacy. These screens are only in place when needed, retracting out of sight when not needed. Additionally, several of Phantom’s solar meshes can significantly reduce heat gain while providing natural ventilation, helping homeowners keep their air-conditioners in the “off” position more often.

“As outdoor living and efficient use of living space trends are here to stay, Phantom’s retractable screens are now specified by a growing number of architects and builders to protect the integrity of homes and buildings with unique architectural styles,” says Ron Somers, VP of Sales & Marketing at Phantom Screens. He adds: “Phantom Screens brand experience is the main thing that sets us apart from everyone else. We don’t just sell screens. Instead, we help our clients merge indoor and outdoor spaces, helping everyone enjoy their home to the fullest.”

patio ith phantom screensRetractable screens allow homeowners to experience the best of both worlds: enjoy uninterrupted views when the screens are retracted, and let in fresh air without having to worry about bugs. Homeowners can choose from among many color and mesh options depending on specific location and screening needs. One can even connect the large motorized patio screens to the central automation system in order to program the screens to lower or retract at specific times of day.

A single motorized Executive Screen by Phantom® can cover an opening as large as 25’ wide and 16’ high.  Applications that use multiple screens can be programmed on one or any number of controls, making it easy for homeowners to choose whether to lower all or only some of the screens at any point of time. The screens are also designed to blend seamlessly with the design of the home.  Screen components can be recessed into building cavities to remain out of sight until needed. As Phantom’s screens are retracted out of sight, they won’t compromise the architectural integrity of historic homes or homes with unique architectural styles.

Phantom delivers superior customer service through our experienced Authorized distributors and dealers.   Your local Phantom professional will walk you through the various product options and handle the professional installation of your screen system.

Go to or call 1-888-PHANTOM to learn more about these retractable screens solutions!