Packing and Moving Tips

By: Julie Day
Loading a moving truck.

When loading a moving truck or trailer, put heavy items near the front.

Moving Day

  • Move During the Week: If possible, plan your move for a weekday during business hours, so you can easily deal with utility problems or car trouble.
  • Plan Vehicles: If you’re taking multiple vehicles, designate at least one of them for “valuables” (ideally the one with the smoothest suspension!) This is the vehicle that will carry grandma’s china, Mom’s orchids, Dad’s flat-screen TV, everyone’s suitcases, your logistics kit, and anything else that simply can’t get broken or lost.
  • Load Heavy Items Near Front: Trucks and trailers will fishtail dangerously if the weight isn’t distributed properly. Start by loading heavy boxes near the front of the truck, followed by furniture. Put mattresses in last, so you can unload and set the beds up first when you arrive.
  • Think Tetris: Packing and moving is a lot like the video game Tetris – you’re trying to fit everything together so the maximum amount fits in the smallest space, utilizing every cubbyhole and corner. It’s a fun challenge, but don’t overdo it, so everything doesn’t topple over the first time you hit the brakes!
  • Pad and Secure: Use padding to keep furniture from getting scratched, and ropes or straps to secure each layer of boxes or load of furniture. That way, if one item shifts, there won’t be a domino effect.
  • Walkie-Talkies: If you’re traveling in a caravan, an inexpensive set of handheld radios are a lifesaver! Radios enable you to help navigate busy interstate traffic and check in frequently without having to call and answer cell phones.
Moving trailer on highway.

Be safe and drive carefully when travelling on the road!

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Packing and Moving Tips